Age of Wulin, that quirky wushu-era game not to be confused with Age of Wushu, has updated with chapter 6 and it's got a lot of things martial arts game fans are going to love. The first is the partner system, which lets you summon offline friends to come help in combat. After that, the new battleground, Lingxiao City, is a much awaited feature since it's an 80-player (!!! seriously) battleground. Let's go over the details:

  • Partner System: You can become friends with offline players and bring them into battle.
  • Flower Prince Competition: You can, as a male, attempt to become the Flower Prince, the only male member of the Shifting Flower Palace.
  • Lingxiao City: 80-player battleground.
  • Island of Delight: New instance.
  • Scenery Records temporarly removed frmo item shop, new partner system items have been added.
  • Random changes, like QR code from the chat window leaving.

So yeah, if you love Age of Wulin and haven't played, it's time to check it out.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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