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Guild Wars 2 fans who were unable to attend PAX East
earlier this month may still get the chance to check out the game at an upcoming
event this summer. In a newsletter sent out to fans today, ArenaNet outlined
its summer convention plans, including appearances at San Diego Comic-Con,
Gamescom, and PAX Prime.

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Comic-Con - 20-24 July 2011: We'll be visiting this mecca for all things pop
cultural in San Diego, California, North America this year. More details to

Gamescom - 17-21 August 2011: Europe's largest game show in beautiful
Cologne, Germany, is definitely on our list. We'll have a demo build of Guild
Wars 2
, plenty of devs on hand to meet fans and answer questions, and some
cool surprises.

PAX - 26-28 August 2011: There's no way we'd miss PAX Prime, a legendary
three-day gaming festival in Seattle, Washington, North America. We've got big
plans for this year's PAX, so stay tuned!

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And stay tuned we shall! Considering the Seattle area is ArenaNet's home turf, I'd expect that they must have something pretty special planned for this year's PAX Prime. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks we may finally learn the launch date for Guild Wars 2 during the event. Or maybe if we're really lucky they'll unveil a full line of GW2 themed Underoos, but I suppose only time will tell!

Have any theories of your own at what might be announced or revealed during ArenaNet's next three 'con appearances? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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