There's a new bird in town ( in Ark Survival Evolved actually), the Terror Bird. This over sized, under-winged bird of prey looks like a cross between a chicken and a raptor. The completely tamable terror bird is already at the top of players to get lists because of it's fast ground speed and ability to jump and "fly" for short periods of time. We use the term fly loosely here, as it's more of a short glide, but perfect for clearing gaps or trouble spots that would be a pain to travel through on foot.

The other big bullet point in this update is the much anticipated Grappling Hook. The deice is being billed as a game changer, as now players will no longer have to tame themselves a bird to get on top of enemy structures while raiding, they can just grapple their way up. Not only that, the grapple can be used on non-structural things as well. Want to grab a ride from a passing Ptero? Grapple it. That enemy player giving you a hard time? Grapple him into your loving arms. You can even grapple some of the smaller dinos and objects and then drag them along behind you, so think outside the box!


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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