When the news broke that Ark would be getting split screen on the Xbox One, fans of the game and the console rejoiced. The game has already been a hit on the console, and with a major lack of split screen games on any device right now, the split screen functionality should push it to new heights.

The patch to be release February 10th, also comes with a ton of other fixes for the Xbox Dino riding simulator, including some tweaks to fix the awful frame rate issues players have been experiencing. The game is known for it's resource hungry ways on the PC, and it looks like that has made the transition over to the console. 

Speaking of which, the second major purpose of the path is to catch the Xbox version up to the PC in terms of content. In the short summary below, we can see that the two are getting very close to being synced up.

The developers took to Twitter to share some of the key bullet points of the patch, which I have included below.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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