Since the game's release, Arks fans have speculated on what the mysterious purpose behind the island was and longed for a story to be added to the game that might shed some light on what it was. Finally you'll get to the bottom of it all by discovering remnants of survivors past int he form of small notes that they left outlining some of their experiences and thoughts on the origin of the island.

You’ll be able to discover the stories of actual inhabitants that have lived on the isle, and follow what their fates are over time. By studying their notes, learning through their experiences, and revealing the secrets they have discovered, you will be able to get closer to the heart of the mysteries surrounding the ARK.

The notes are a great way to bring some of the story to light, while both keeping much of it a mystery and making the player feel like their involved in getting to the bottom of it all. Many tribes have already committed themselves to uncovering the truth. The development staff have promise to keep the story line going as they take a short break from releasing new dinosaurs to focus on the story and catch up with the dossiers they'v already revealed.


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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