On the official Armored Warfare website, developers of the game have created a community highlight blog featuring tons of interesting things the AW community is up to right now.

AW Russian Community Stream

Most notably, the development team at Obsidian Entertainment recently sat down with the Russian AW community to discuss current game features, and even talk about some elements of an upcoming "Territory Wars" mode that will provide interesting content for both Battalions and Individual players. While the stream is partially in Russian (most questions asked), the team's highly anticipated answers are all in English. You can check out that stream below or skip past it for the important highlights.

Livestream Notes and Highlights

The following is a bullet-point list of all the important talking points and features discussed during the livestream event.

  • The focus for the near future will be on vehicle balance, new maps and vehicles, stability and performance
  • Upcoming features in near future are endgame (battalion mode), commander systems and upgrades to progression along with additional rewards
  • The matchmaker in the future will be updated to feature mechanisms improving the vehicle class balance (such as not letting too many vehicles of one class into one battle)
  • Multi-launcher Rocket Systems (MLRS) won't be added in near future
  • The developers are experimenting with maps of various sizes, the largest map currently is the 1400 x 1400 meters Reactor map, it's possible there will be even larger maps in the future
  • Currently no mode with more than 15 players per side is in development
  • Developers are working on the replay feature, it is however still far from being ready
  • It's possible player-created skins and decals will be introduced in the future, but so far there are no concrete plans
  • It will be possible to check other players' statistics outside of battle, but by default the statistics will be set to private
  • There will be a branch of Ukraine vehicles in the future
  • There are no plans to limit the amount of garage slots
  • It is possible that night maps (featuring night vision) will come in the future
  • There are no plans to remove the artillery warning from the game
  • Amphibious vehicles are planned, in near future the vehicles that can swim in real life will receive longer drown timer
  • The amount of reputation and credits required to unlock tier 9 and 10 will be "reasonable", so that even regular players can unlock those tiers with some effort
  • Tier 7 and 8 premium vehicles will be possibly added after the introduction of tier 9 and 10 regular vehicles
  • Power-wise, a premium vehicle is intended to be somewhere between stock and fully upgraded vehicle of the same tier
  • The developers are currently working on boss fight mechanism, it's possible players will get to fight helicopters in the future
  • The upcoming PvE features include: improvements to spawn mechanism, making the gameplay more varied, removing the issue where bots spawn on top of player vehicles
  • The shot delay issue is not experienced by every player and does not seem to be dependent on latency, developers are investigating
  • The light tanks used to have no accuracy decay while travelling at high speeds - this was problematic with some vehicles such as the Sheridan and will likely not return, but the developers are continuing to investigate this matter
  • In the future, the looks of the player base will be customizable as players continue to unlock new features
  • It is possible that in the future there will be special vehicles unlockable for difficult achievements
  • Custom battle mode (comparable to a "training room" mode) will be available soon, it will also support the observer feature
  • It is not sure the observer mode will be available in PvP/PvE battles
  • Voice chat will be possibly implemented for competitive game modes

Upcoming  "Territory Wars" mode features and talking points:

  • This mode will support battalions as well as individual players.
  • It is possible this mode will be connected to a storyline campaign and to some of the PvE missions
  • There are plans for a competitive ladder system
  • It is also possible that the players will be able to ally themselves with certain factions and unlock unique rewards by gaining reputation standing with these factions

Be sure to check out the official posting on Armored Warfare's website for other interesting community highlights and features.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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