Tanks are heavy. Like really, really heavy. If you’ve ever tried to balance one you’d know. That’s exactly what the development team for Armored Warfare has been hard at work on, as detailed in a new article on the official site. Considering how tired their arms must be at this point, you have to give them props for taking the time to detail the process for fans.

As described in the official release regarding how tanks are balanced in Armored Warfare:

“Balancing a vehicle in Armored Warfare is combination of what role it plays in the game with historical accuracy to make sure that the vehicles behave like in real life, while remaining fun to command. Before adding a vehicle to the game the Obsidian Entertainment development team will place tank in a distinct class and tier based on the firepower and authenticity based on sources, such as, specialized military publications and encyclopedias.”

The extended article goes on to explain how tanks are selected for inclusion, as well as providing a quick rundown of the vehicle classes players will have access to. The list includes:

  • Main battle tanks – characterized by their excellent armor
  • Light tanks – outstanding mobility and accuracy on the move
  • Tank destroyers – powerful and accurate guns but generally poor armor
  • AFVs – light vehicles with scouting as their primary purpose
  • SPGs – indirect fire artillery class

When we took Armored Warfare for a test drive last year during E3, I ended up assuming the role of scout for our team. The trick was to get in close enough to spot enemy tanks for our long range units while avoiding enemy fire. Movement and camera control – even at that much earlier stage of development – were extremely responsive, and made scouting feel highly intuitive even for my first hands-on time with the game. Mind you, I eventually took a nasty dirt nap, but not before leading the enemy units on a merry chase around the map while hanging on by only a mere sliver of health.

To read more about unit selection and how balance works in Armored Warfare, be sure to check out the full article over on the official website by hitting the handy link below!

Official ArticleHow We Balance Vehicles

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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