Times are changing in Telara. With the recent announcement that Scott Hartsman would be stepping down from his role at Trion Worlds in the first part of RIFT’s State of the Game announcement, Lead Designer Bill "Daglar" Fisher recently delivered the second to talk about where the game is headed.

Fisher reflected on the past and the impending second anniversary of RIFT this March before delving into plans for the upcoming 2.2 update and teasing details for 2.3.

With 2.2 the Carnival of the Ascended – a celebration of the first appearance of the Ascended - will return to Telara. Along with it, new carnival games as well as some old favorites will be available, a slew of new Zone Events will appear in the Storm Legion zones, the Planar Attunement system will expand to tier 3, and we hope to add our first activated Hard Mode encounters to Endless Eclipse and Frozen Tempest. Of course, you can also expect more bug fixes, and updates to classes as we always provide. There are also some updates to PvP that have been sneaking out to the live servers before 2.2 hits.

What secrets are hidden behind the walls surrounding the Dendrome? As we approach game update 2.3 we’ll start to peel back the layers of mystery – but that is a story for another day, Ascended.

While the update still doesn't mention who may be taking Hartsman's place at Trion, RIFT is at least in capable hands going forward.

Source: RIFT State of the Game Part 2

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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