We’ve known that BioWare has been working away on the next part of the Dragon Age saga for a while now. The third part of the Dragon Age story has been in development for around 18 months and today BioWare announced the official label for the game as Dragon Age III: Inquisition (DA3). Targeting a late 2013 launch, DA3 will utilize Frostbite 2 as the foundation of its engine tech. While details are scarce and nothing was revealed about the storyline, BioWare’s Mark Darrah has posted a new blog to confirm a few minor details about the upcoming third installment to the series.

    • The next game will be called Dragon Age III: Inquisition.
    • We won’t be talking about the story of the game today. Though you can make some guesses from the title.
    • This game is being made by a lot of the same team that has been working on Dragon Age since Dragon Age: Origins.  It’s composed of both experienced BioWare veterans and talented new developers.
    • We are working on a new engine which we believe will allow us to deliver a more expansive world, better visuals, more reactivity to player choices, and more customization. At PAX East, we talked about armor and followers… Yeah, that kind of customization. We’ve started with Frostbite 2 from DICE as a foundation to accomplish this.

Aside from that, there isn’t much more available about DA3. Stay tuned and we’ll update you with new details as they become available.

Sources: EA Press Release, BioWare Blog from Mark Darrah

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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