With just over a month left until Dragon Age: Inquisition is in our hands, BioWare has released a new trailer to keep us riding that mighty hype train. All aboard!! That is, unless, you are to believe the YouTube comments, then this is the worst Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer yet and the Dragon Age series is completely ruined. But why would you read YouTube comments anyway? That's just scraping the bottom of the internet and the last place to restore faith in humanity. With Dragon Age: Inquistion having a Mature rating, we should see a darker, grittier Dragon Age, closer to Origins. If only the YouTube comments could have also passed the M for Mature gate.

Luckily, we also have the Dragon Age subreddit, where we can gauge community response. Not all parts of Reddit are a total pit, I swear. However, from here on out, I will warn you only once that you should not read any further than these words right here if you do not want any spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition because I need to talk about possible spoilers here, okay? I mean, there's a lot of really bold text right here. Final warning. Now that that's over, let's get into the meat of the matter. While most people in /r/dragonage are stoked for new information and teasers, some are either hesitant and upset over one thing in particular. Just in case there's anyone still lingering after the above warning, let's march down to the next paragraph, after a pretty still from the trailer.

Now, let's talk about Grey Wardens. Folks are concerned that the Grey Wardens we've come to love over the years are now our foes, enemies we take on when we march our little Inquisition right through the doors. You know, to storm the castle. Will we have fun storming the castle? If it's Inquisitors versus Wardens now, the community is feeling torn. Is there an option to leave the Wardens be or deal with them in a peaceful manner, or is fighting them the only solution? People are feeling like BioWare has given them a sweet puppy, and now that they've fallen in love with that puppy, the puppy must die. Okay, maybe not so dramatic, since I'm sure there was a healthy dose of sarcasm there, but that's kind of the gist of the matter. People kind of love these Grey Wardens and don't really think storming their castle is any idea of fun.

Another thing taken from the video that the community isn't too stoked over are the helmets. All of the helmets here look the same, which has people wondering if all of the helmets in the game are the same, whether or not they can be turned off, and if they are the same, why is that? I have a hard time believing that all helmets in the game will look the same, mostly because this is BioWare and BioWare is known for player choice. Speaking of choice, what's your moustachemancer (heh heh) choice? There's a bit of Dorian versus Stroud going on in the thread that corresponds to this video. Also, moustachemancer is an awesome word and now I want to play a necro in some game where I can create a character sporting a ridiculous moustache.

Saturday starts the one month countdown point. Is your calendar marked? Are your feels in check for what might happen with the Grey Wardens? Are you a moustachemancer? For more spoilers concerning Dragon Age as a series, Dragon Age: Inquisition and all of the near heart attacks the community had watching this trailer, check out this subreddit discussion. Since the trailer is rated M, click here for the actual video. Got something on your mind after watching the video? Drop us a note about it in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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