CABAL 2 has an event filled update, known as "Black Wave" which has now launched today. This includes a new update, which includes a new scenario, new loot, and more designed for max level players.

During the maintenance tonight (8.5.2015) we will be including a major patch, most notably containing new content: The Labyrinth Forest Black Waves. This patch will also include the event prizes for our Journey to Frey Hilltown, Elder of Ektensia and Character Customization Events. We will also be adding and modifying existing content[.]

CABAL 2's update is now live and waiting for players to enjoy on servers. You'll have to wait tomorrow for the event to kickoff though, as it runs 10AM/2PM/7PM PDT. 24 players will battle it out against 12 waves of monsters to defend the Labyrinth Forest. You'll need to be at least ilvl 42 for this scenario and, again, wait until the morning for the event to kickoff, but otherwise the patch is now live.

CABAL 2 is a fantasy MMO, you can read the details of this update here. There is some additional patches that made it into the game as well:

Modified Content

  • Fortified Pet Food will now be sold at the honor point vendor in Frey Hilltown for 7,000 Honor Points.
  • Players will only be allowed to enter a specific dungeon 20 times a day, instead of 20 clear times total. The count will begin once a player enters a dungeon, regardless of enemies killed or not.

Added Content

  • The Labyrinth Forest Black Wave Defense
  • The Labyrinth Forest Black Wave is a 24 player raid instance that will occur over specific time periods. Players will be able to acquire powerful gear from each boss of the last wave.
  • In Game Titles: The Acolyte and Elder titles have been added in the system for the participating players. Players who also reached the level in time during the Frey Hilltown event will also receive their prizes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a text issue when players added Alz to their vaults.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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