There is more nuance to the CABAL 2 update coming really soon, but even better in these patch notes is a hint at what's coming to CABAL 2 in the future. At the end of the notes, there is remark on what is coming after the new arenas, ranking system, and the Trial of the Champions, it is as follows:

  • An increased level cap, along with new dungeons, abysmos and challenges worthy of the strongest mercenary within Ektensia
  • An improved optimized game client. This is an ongoing process, but expect smoother frame rates patched throughout the updates as our fixes become more prominent
  • Clearer and effective methods that will aid in any spam and bot related issues

Better FPS, less bots, and more dungeons? Yes plz! Now you not only get the arenas as something to grind your teeth on, but you can look forward to them addressing bots and other ner'do'wells who have tried to harass the game. Really every free-to-play game suffers from the horror of spam bots, because it's just how it works. I think one solution is simply remove global chat for those who don't pay. It's kind of an odd thing, eh, because you need global chat early on to figure out the game and get help, to sort of make the game sticky.

Yet, give someone the ability to make an account and talk and voila, spam spam spam. Even if it's not global chat, it'll be in IMs, and if it's not in IMs, it'll be in the mail. The even funnier thing about all of that is that most gold sites are all owned by the same group, with the same gold sellers, they're all on different domains. But each of the different domains will still spam - it's not as if they're going to just spam with one character at a time for one of their sites. Nah, they're going to spam with everything.

Anyway, all this aside, you can find details about the patch notes here at this link to the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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