Few things have been as big an embarrassment to the gaming industry as the dramatic saga surrounding Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and the Stargate Worlds (SGW) MMOG.

It's been a long and harsh battle that has claimed credibility, finances and left some hard working developers without pay at times. But in the game's latest in an increasingly long line of lawsuits, Cheyenne Mountain Games investors filed a fraud complaint against Fresh Start Studios and Dark Comet Games, who acquired Stargate Resistance for about $100,000 and under what some might consider shady circumstances. The purpose of the suit was to regain the properties acquired by Fresh Start Games and have the agreement made null and void. The suit also sought financial compensation for punitive damages for alleged breach of contract, civil conspiracy, fraudulent transfer, tortious interference and unjust enrichment.

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style="font-style: italic;">There's only one way to truly describe the SGW saga at this point.

That suit is now over according to an article from Nerdvana, which states that Judge Edward Burke approved the return of the assets to CME last week and appointed a new receiver to the company. CME filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year. Nerdvana spoke with CME's CEO Gary Whiting, who compared his situation to that of the character of Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie for his victimized attempt at a hostile takeover when CME's board of directors fired him. Whiting was later reinstated by the court.

“They took everything I owned and they took … besides my personal property they took my good name,” he said. “When I watched Iron Man, that was my life right there on the screen because of what these guys did to me.”

I have a feeling that he might have a problem generating any sympathy. Whiting also confirmed that Stargate franchise owner MGM issued a notice of termination for the (SGW) license on November 3rd. Stargate Resistance is reportedly unaffected by this since it launched under a different license. But the new receiver is already at work trying to find a way to save the license and Whiting states that he has a plan to get the funding to bring SGW to the market. That might prove difficult if MGM has been paying attention in the slightest. So be ready for more shenanigans people. This isn't over yet.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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