In their latest blogpost for Crowfall, Thomas “Blixtev” Blair (with J. Todd Coleman), talk at length about the day and night cycle of the game. Set for release with 5.7, this is undoubtedly a huge milestone. While the blog post is lengthy, it goes into brilliant detail on how the day and night cycle will affect creatures, their attributes and form. Overall, it's an amazing post gets me incredibly excited for what's to come.

At sunset, all of the NPC’s in-game will transition into their appropriate form. (If they have one, that is. Guards and other humanoids, for example, currently have only a non-infected version.) At dawn, the infected NPCs will shatter and turn to dust, replaced by new (un-infected) variants that will respawn at their home location. (We will stage the timing a bit, of course, so that not all of this happens at once.)


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Last Updated: May 10, 2018

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