Crowfall’s reveals are coming thick and fast and yesterday even more announcements were made. First up, there’s two more archetypes: The Elven Frostweaver, and the Guinecean Duelist (if anyone knows how to pronounce that, do let me know!). All we know about either archetype is that the Frostweaver is a ranged DPS with an ice theme and the Guinecean Duelist is a rodent-rogue with a pistol and a dagger. There’s no in game image of the Duelist yet, but the concept art is fantastic. I have to say as well, the Frostweaver looks absolutely gorgeous. I really do love the artstyle of Crowfall.

Next week, ArtCraft Entertainment will be taking to Twitch on Tuesday at 2:00pm CST to stream the creation of the Guinecean Duelist character model. I didn’t realise but it seems ACE partner with a 3D modeling company called OMNOM workshop to sculpt the creatures. We’ll be able to see exactly how this loveable rat is made.

As well as that, there’s a new FAQ regarding Crowfalls physics. The main thing I saw from it, is that players won’t be able to pass through other players (here comes body blocking!) but as well as that, it sounds as though archetype skills will be able to pull/push others. This should result in not only some really interesting combat, but with the combination of push mechanics and voxels there’s every potential that players attacking fortifications will be able to tactically destroy them in the process. As someone who typically plays ranged classes, that sounds incredibly appealing. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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