With every blog post, I'm convinced that Crowfall goes from strength to strength, and that the design decisions ArtCraft are taking will ensure Crowfall is completely original. In this post, they discuss the Hunger, Infection sites (that's what spawns and spreads the hunger) while also discussing how to stop it. There's some awesome .gifs in the article, and they truly give a sense of how it will feel. Have a read.

We continue to research the mysterious force that the common folk call the Hunger.
Our efforts are stymied by the contagion; which resists even the power of the divine.
We have never seen a plague which eats through flesh and stone alike!
It spreads from a man to his bed, to his house and his farm...
…to his neighbor, his village, his priest and his king.

Blood and bone, rock and tree.  All life. All warmth. All is consumed.

As I write this, my pen falters.  I feel the infection crawling up my hand to my chest... 
It throbs with a heartbeat that drowns out my own, a funeral drum that gains strength,
Even as my own breath falters..."

The Archives of the Mother Church, Archdiocese of Cautemer,
Transcribed from a letter purportedly by Father Fruehmeyer of Alabanthar

We can find no further evidence of any world by this name.

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Last Updated: Jun 29, 2018

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