If you’ve frequented Marvel Heroes since its launch last month, you’re probably familiar with the loot system as it relates to getting new hero character drops. The random chance to have a hero drop is one way that players can unlock new characters to play with in Gazillion’s action RPG, but the randomness of those drops are not working in a way that makes players, and in turn, Gazillion, happy.

Gazillion boss David Brevik has penned a new blog detailing a new way that players will soon be able to obtain their characters of choice without having to rely on the gaming gods for a random good luck drop. Here’s a brief list of the new changes that will be coming to Marvel Heroes in a future update.

  • Every enemy in the game will now have a chance to drop a new item called an Eternity Splinter.
  • Players will be able to earn the exact hero they want using Eternity Splinters as currency.
  • Enemies will have a much higher chance of dropping an individual Eternity Splinter than they did a hero token, making the process of collecting splinters (and therefore, heroes) much more consistent for players over time.
    • For Example: If you spend an evening playing the game and collecting splinters, it’s very likely you’ll collect roughly the same amount of splinters the next evening.
  • Eventually, by collecting splinters, every player can earn every hero for free.

You can learn more about the new currency in Brevik's full post and in the Eternity Splinters FAQ.

Source: Marvel Heroes Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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