If you're just returning back to Destiny 2, the Festival of the Lost has returned, after a year-long break. As always, the event and its update includes new modes, quests, cosmetic items and a balance patch. 

Dawnblade sees significant improvements, with its lowest end damage if you're regularly securing kills, while the Striker's Trample ability is receiving nerfs across the board, including a slower recharge.

Alongside this, there's also changes to Exotic weapons, with the Jötunn and Divinity receiving tweaks. Full notes below. 



Striker—Code of the Juggernaut (Bottom Path)


  • Reduced amount returned possible per kill from 15% to 13% (before diminishing returns)
  • Reduced the low end of the diminishing returns from 5% to 3.25%
  • Changed the kills for the diminishing returns by splitting them out between players and combatants
  • Was previously 15 kills; is now 14 combatant kills or 7 opposing Guardian kills (opposing Guardians count 2x toward diminishing returns)
  • Tuned the amount of Super energy returned per kill
  • Cost of Light attack in Super increased by 50% from 2% to 3%
  • Regeneration on kill no longer procs on Super kills

Dawnblade—Attunement of Flame (Bottom Path)

Everlasting Flames:

  • Increased the low end of the diminishing returns from 0.75% to 0.95%
  • Changed the kills for the diminishing returns by splitting them out between players and combatants
  • Previously it was 30 kills. Now it is 21 combatant kills or 7 opposing Guardian kills (opposing Guardians count 3x toward diminishing returns)
  • Tuned the amount of Super energy returned per kill (handled differently than Striker as this attack is an AoE)

Sentinel—Code of the Protector (Top Path)

Ward of Dawn:

  • Armor of Light timer now correlates with the life of the Ward of Dawn
  • Particle FX move more rapidly toward the end of the Ward of Dawn’s life

Nightstalker—Way of the Wraith (Middle Path)

Shattering Strike:

  • Shattering Strike lasts the proper 9 seconds once again
  • Fixed a bug in which Shattering Strike activation window was reduced to 3 seconds along with Truesight

Shoulder Charge

We’ve removed a bug that allowed players to shoot immediately before activating shoulder charge, which allowed players to apply the 1–2 Punch damage buff to shoulder charge.



  • Jötunn

Fixed an issue that caused this weapon to impact multiple times at close ranges

  • Divinity

Increased the Weaken effect from 25% to 30%

NOTE: The Weaken effect from Judgment is not intended to stack with other Weaken effects. This issue will be fixed at a later date. The “cage” will still appear and act as a precision weak point in these cases, but the multipliers themselves will not stack.

Fixed an issue where Destiny 2 would crash if this weapon was combined with target-marking effects such as Vengeance (One-Eyed Mask)

  • Deathbringer

Fixed the reload timing on this weapon

NOTE: This also affects other Rocket Launchers that share the same reload animation


  • Adhortative

Fixed an issue that would cause the leaves on this weapon to distort visually

  • Prophet of Doom

Fixed an issue with the placement of shells during the reload animation

  • Hush

Fixed a bug that prevented Archer’s Gambit from activating if the player manually un-draws their Bow and starts sprinting at the same time


  • Sealed Ahamkara’s Grasps now have a short cooldown period between perk activations
  • Stats and Perks

Armor 2.0 mods that trigger on orb collection or using your class ability now no longer stack with their pre-Armor 2.0 versions

Pre-Armor 2.0 Exotics now have correct stat packages

Armor 1.0 Traction perk applies +5 Mobility, in line with Armor 2.0 Traction mod



  • Blocking communication with players in Steam will now block/mute players in Destiny 2
  • Added functionality for /addfriend and /removefriend commands

/addfriend [ PlayerName ]

/removefriend [ PlayerName ]

Note: Players must be in one of your rosters (fireteam, friends, or clan) in order to add/remove them as a friend.

  • Added functionality for /invite command

/invite [ PlayerName ]

Note: Players must be in one of your rosters (fireteam, friends, or clan) in order to invite them by player name.

/invite [ SteamID ]

Note: You can invite players by SteamID, regardless of whether they’re in your roster or not.

  • Players can now /invite and /join another player regardless of their Steam online status (online, invisible, or offline)
  • /help description updated to reflect new changes to commands



  • When an ornament has been applied to a weapon or armor item, its icon will now update to reflect the currently equipped ornament
  • Universal ornament packages that have been purchased but not opened now properly indicate they are owned in the Eververse store

Season Pass

  • The Vow’s catalyst quest step now properly references “strike playlists” rather than the erroneous “strike activities”
  • The Season Pass bonus Catalyst quest boost omega now properly describes is progression acceleration as “quadruples” rather than the erroneous “triples”
  • The Exotic ship Never Live It Down now properly displays its name in the lore tab title section

Power and Progression

  • Exotic quest “Symphony of Death” awards more XP than intended; set this to be the same as other Exotic quests
  • Exotic quest “Make Bows, Not War” awards more XP than intended; set this to be the same as other Exotic quests
  • Increased the Power of gear awarded by “Invitations of the Nine” bounties “Into the Unknown” to be powerful

Nightmare Hunts

  • Increased the damage multiplier granted by Unstable Essence at difficulty levels Hero, Legend, and Master
  • Adjusted Unstable Essence to be significantly more effective against Nightmares than Nightmare Bosses
  • The Swordbearer Nightmare’s Sword in Nightmare Hunt: Despair now drains half as fast once a player equips it
  • Navigation waypoint added to Nightmare Hunt: Servitude to help guide players more effectively toward the final encounter
  • Hunts now have idle protection; idle players will not receive rewards


  • Garden of Salvation
  • Encounter rewards are now delivered as engrams instead of directly granted in the loot feed
  • Fixed an exploit where Cyclopes could be knocked off of their towers in the final encounter
  • Increased the radius for Relay Defender and Enhanced Relay Defender mods
  • Fixed an issue where music would not start properly when players enter the final boss arena
  • Fixed an issue where Consecrated Mind could slam into walls during DPS
  • Fixed an issue where geometry in the final encounter space could appear completely black when being removed or recreated
  • Fixed an issue where weekly challenge rewards could be re-earned repeatedly by deleting and creating new characters
  • Last Wish
  • Apprentice Guide and Journeyman Guide emblem variants will appear in collections after players discover them.



  • Fixed an issue where the first Shadowkeep campaign quest step “In Search of Answers” could go to Postmaster if player’s quests inventory was full
  • Affected players can now recover the Shadowkeep campaign quest from Eris in the “Abandoned Quests” section
  • ”Essence of Vanity” pursuit now displays number of Sniper Rifle kills required for completion; it will now display progress out of 25 instead of just progress
  • Lost Ghost Traces will no longer drop after all Dead Ghosts have been found; extra Traces will be removed from inventory when the last Dead Ghost is found
  • Fixed an issue in which using the Firewall Data Fragment in the K1 Revelation Lost Sector didn’t have a chance of providing a Cleansed Essence after three weeks of completions
  • Fixed an issue where Cross Save-enabled players could turn in a cleansed Essence to the Lectern of Enchantment and receive no rewards
  • If playing on a platform on which you don’t own Shadowkeep, the Lectern will no longer show the Essence reward screen
  • To receive the reward, log on to the platform on which you own Shadowkeep and visit the Lectern
  • Fixed an issue where daily bounties for both Eris and the Lectern of Enchantment were rotating weekly instead of daily
  • Fixed an issue where the Moon bounty “Tidal Lock” would progress only in Nightmare Hunts; it will now progress anywhere on the Moon
  • Phantasmal Core stack cap raised from 3 to 999
  • Triumph “Lore of Luna” now progresses when scan patrols are completed in Sorrow’s Harbor.
  • Removed blank, unobtainable page from lore book “Unveiling”
  • Fixed an issue where players who finished their bunny collection faster than expected weren’t awarded with the “Lunar Gloom” shader
  • On login, affected players will have a stack of five of this shader in their inventory and unlocked in Collections
  • Black Armory (Misc)
  • Quests for Gofannon and Izanami forges still existed on veteran characters who were on steps that could not be progressed; those steps have been removed from the players inventories
  • Fixed an issue where players could not acquire nor complete the Key Mold quest for Izanagi’s Burden
  • The Lock and Key (Mysterious Box) quest can be abandoned; players can reacquire the abandoned quest at Ada-1
  • The “Harvest Time” bounty will now progress when collecting Helium Filaments

Dreaming City

  • Balanced Awoken Talisman has been removed from veteran players’ inventories; it is no longer needed to access Dreaming City/Shattered Throne/Wish Ender quest
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to loot the Orrery chest an unlimited number of times

Shattered Throne

  • Fixed an issue where, upon defeating Dul Incaru at the end of Shattered Throne, players could return to orbit and have a checkpoint for the activity; defeating the boss will now immediately complete the activity and award credit


  • Exodus Black world quest turn-in step can be recovered from Failsafe if players abandon it
  • Mars and Mercury
  • Heroic adventures will now be available on their respective destinations when Mars or Mercury are featured as a Flashpoint


  • Fixed an issue where the “Enhance” quest was no longer available


  • Fixed an issue where Warlocks who wagered Weak Motes in Reckoning were incorrectly being rewarded Titan gear
  • Increased stack size of Gambit Prime Synths to 999


  • Fixed an exploit in Countdown that allowed the defending team to get free wins by continuously swapping gear between rounds
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from earning the Silimar’s Design Iron Banner Triumph; the Triumph will be awarded retroactively to any players who encountered this issue


Benedict 99-40

  • Removed initial Vendor Challenge from Benedict 99-40


  • Removed challenge from Black Armory Forge unlock quest
  • Weekly Black Armory bounties now award Black Armory armor pieces

Yuna (IGR Only)

  • Yuna’s inventory is now updated to vend Armor 2.0 versions of Exotic armor

Eris and Rune Table

  • Daily bounties will now rotate daily, as opposed to weekly


  • Fixed an issue where Gyro Ghost Shell’s rings would animate improperly when summoned
  • Increased idle protections across numerous PvE playlists
  • Play the game, get rewards
  • Seriously, just play the game
  • Don’t leave your team hanging
  • It’s not very nice
  • The Traitor’s Fate sword is no longer marked as “Requires Exclusive Item” and can be successfully equipped


  • Added Lore Tabs for the following Shadowkeep rewards:
  • Legendary Garden of Salvation rewards
  • 15 unique lore tabs
  • Divinity
  • Monte Carlo
  • Deathbringer
  • Leviathan’s Breath
  • Eriana’s Vow
  • Assassin’s Cowl
  • Phoenix Cradle
  • Stormdancer’s Brace
  • Never Live It Down




  • Heavy Ammo initial spawn changed to 60 seconds (was 45 seconds)

Iron Banner Control

  • Heavy Ammo initial spawn changed to 60 seconds (was 45 seconds)
  • Heavy Ammo additional spawning changed to every 120 seconds (was every 60 seconds)


  • Heavy Ammo initial spawn changed to 60 seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • Reduced the amount of Heavy Ammo granted to match Elimination and 6v6 modes



  • Added accessibility options for subtitles, which are available during account creation and the Settings screen
  • The options add the ability for players to change the font size, font color, subtitle background style, and subtitle background opacity
  • Added the continuous tabbing when tabbing past each end of the Director
  • Reorganized some of the Settings on PC to better organize where certain options are sorted
  • Changed the text opacity for the menu navigation bar to improve visibility with certain emblem themes


  • Forsaken subclasses will display the correct Super icon in the PvP HUD; all Sentinal and Arcstrider subclasses still use the same Super icon for each of their three subclasses; these Supers will have new icons


Burning Maul

Blade Barrage

Spectral Blades

Nova Warp

Well of Radiance

Chaos Reach

  • Fixed an issue that increased loading times for gear preview while in space flight
  • Added protections against intense strobe effects that can be encountered if the player’s health is near the shield break threshold and the player has a damage-over-time effect and a healing effect active at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the page pips in the Quest tab would become highlighted when selecting on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Strike node on the Moon map would not show a breadcrumb icon during the Shadowkeep campaign
  • Fixed an issue where icons on the Season Pass would load at different times
  • Fixed an issue where Cross Saved accounts would show incorrect names
  • Removed the inaccurate “Season Rank” display while inspecting another player
  • Fixed an issue where equipping an already-acquired emblem would cause the loot stream notification to appear
  • Fixed an issue where Destiny Guardians was not being displayed for the Korea region
  • Fixed an issue where gearset icons (such as Gambit Prime or Revelry armor) on the character screen would have empty spaces between them
  • Changed the objective text on the Cache Out bounty to “Chests looted”
  • Fixed an issue where the Spell of Abolition emote wasn’t showing in the emote feed

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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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