In recent days, Valve have delivered a series of Dota Underlords blog posts detailing what's coming up in the "Big Update". When they say big, they aren't messin' around, as this update marks the end of the Beta period as the game moves to version 1.0. So what does it contain? Well...

  • There's a new set of Allainces (Insect, Brute, Champion, Healer).
  • A lorry load of new Heroes (Dazzle, Weaver, Nyx, Broodmother, Lifestealer, Magnus, Legion Commander, Shadow Demon, Bristleback, Sven, IO, Faceless Void).
  • A new Jail mechanic to cycle Heroes in and out of availability. 

While the blog posts don't deal anything more, there's set to be plenty more (daily) on the run up to release. If nothing else, all the new Hero additions combined with the Alliances changes should shake up the meta beyond all measure. We'll hold off updating our content until then.

Here's the blog post

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Last Updated: Oct 21, 2019

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