Valve are performing well with their Dota Underlords balance updates. They're coming thick and fast, and are on the money when it comes to making the changes players need. Yesterday's update brought significant improvements, and hit all the right spots, by improving the Knight Alliance, nerfing some key units, while also bringing the Knight Alliance into line with other, stronger peers. Full details below. 

  • Adjustment to the game board: Lighting and Shadow intensity tweaks.

  • Sounds from combat occurring on other player's boards can now be heard from yours.

  • New opponent selection logic: This addresses the community feedback of fighting the same opponents over and over.

  • PC/Mobile: Many performance optimizations.

  • Mobile: Fixed storage space calculation when downloading content.

  • Fixed unit stats not reflecting all items and equipment when querying before combat started.

  • Fixed friendly AI not casting spells after Pudge hooked an enemy.

  • Troll Global Item (Coordinated Assault): Now stacks.

  • AI will now cast spells on the ground under a target instead of on the target's location. Fixes floating Spells if the target happened to be flying through the air.

  • Dragon Alliance: Now requires 2 units.

  • Dragon Alliance: Now Unlocks an additional ability for each member of the Alliance.

  • Dragon Knight: Breathe Fire is now his base ability.

  • Dragon Knight: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Dragon Form.

  • Dragon Knight: Hit Points increased to 1000/2000/4000.

  • Dragon Knight: Gained +10 Health Regeneration.

  • Puck: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Phase Shift.

  • Viper: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Corrosive Skin.

  • Pocket Sand: Now also slows mana gained on receiving damage by 50%.

  • Pocket Sand: Will debuff a random enemy unit within 2 cells if no units are within 1 cell of the assassin landing.

  • Keeper of the Light: Illuminate now costs 150 mana.

  • Keeper of the Light: Health decreased to 550/1100/2200.

  • Desperate Measure: Now also increases mana gained on receving/dealing damage by the same amount as attack damage.

  • Wicked Intent: Now also blocks HP regen.

  • Scrappy Alliance: Now provides 8 armor and 9 health regeneration. It provides double that amount if your starting army is smaller in size than your opponent's.

  • Knight Alliance: Now gives a constant 15/25/35% damage reduction and an additional 20/25/30% when next to another knight.

  • Chaos Knight: Damage Increased from [40-110, 80-220, 160-440] to [55-135, 110-240, 200-480].

  • Boots of Speed: Now Tranquil Boots. Passive +16 health regen and 100% bonus move speed.

  • New Item - Pipe of Insight: +50% Magic Resistance. Once the first enemy has 100% mana, apply a shield that - blocks 400 magic damage to allies up to 1 cell away. (once per battle)

  • Mobile: Fixed 'Australia' mode - Some Android devices rendered the game upside down, and that has been fixed.

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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2019

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