For a TL:DR, the latest update is short and sweet, and brings a few minor Hero tweaks (the biggest being a nerf to Lich), while there's also a much needed nerf to Tombstone, an item recently introduced that's far too potent. 


  • 2-star and 3-star visual upgrades for Batrider, Enigma, Slark, Sniper, and Warlock.
  • The janitor took out some more crash trash.
  • Fixed an issue where Terrorblade could Sunder with the wrong unit at cast time, including dead units.
  • Can no longer enter combat preview mode on the board when in combat.



  • Bloodrage:
    • Now ramps up to his existing maximum attack speed bonus of 500 earlier, at 20% health (was 0%).


  • Chain Frost:
    • Bounce range changed to 2 (was 4).

Templar Assassin:

  • Added Meld:
    • When first attacking after teleporting, Templar Assassin fires a projectile that does [50, 100, 150] damage on impact and decreases her target's armor by [2, 4, 6] for 5 seconds.

Treant Protector:

  • Leech Seed:
    • If the target of Leech Seed dies before the ability duration expires, the seed jumps to another target for its remaining duration.


  • Walrus Punch:
    • Tusk is now invulnerable while mid-Punch.


  • Shadow Word:
    • Now heals 75% of the total heal instantly, and the remaining 25% over the duration of the buff. This results in [168, 337, 675] instant heal and [56, 112, 225] over the remaining duration.
    • Damage per second changed from [50, 100, 150] to [75, 150, 300].


Deadeye Alliance:

  • Added a small health difference buffer to prevent Deadeye units constantly changing targets.



  • Raise Zombies:
    • Range changed from 2 cells to 1.

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2019

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