Not nearly enough MMOs grant gamers the ability to play as dirty, thieving pirates, let alone sail your very own ship on the high seas. For those of you who enjoy that type of thing, ArcheAge is your personal siren’s song guiding you across the dark, infested MMO waters.

ArcheAge received a hefty new update this week in the form of Dread Prophecies. A brief overview of that’s included can be found below, along with links to expanded information on the official ArcheAge website.

The updates to ship customization alone opens up a ton of new gameplay for those of you who prefer your MMOs to have worthwhile non-combat activities to pursue. Even better is the fact that combat on the High Seas has also seen a hefty revamp so that you’ll be able to show off your customization efforts to your friends and enemies before you blow them out of the water and take their stuff.

Speaking of stuff, be sure to check out the promo video for Dread Prophecies below, and then sail away to the official ArcheAge website for more details on this feature-rich game update. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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