Late yesterday Frontier finally released Elite: Dangerous on Steam. With a price tag of £39.99 or around $60.00 it isn't particularly cheap. That said, if you've money to spare and enjoy solitary space adventure, Elite: Dangerous should be right up your street. 

Elite: Dangerous is a beautiful, enormous and confusing game. I loved playing it for the first time at Eurogamer and immediately bought the game when I got home. While I don't play it any longer due to it not fulfilling what I thought the game was, that doesn't stop it from being fantastic in its own right. Part of the problem with Elite: Dangerous is that, strictly speaking, it isn't a typical massively multiplayer games. Its social systems are odd and lacking (or entirely missing), its trade confusing and you never really get a sense that you're playing in a world that is filled with thousands of players. Instead space feels incredibly lonely and when you do see real people, it's because - as far as I understand it - you're in a tiny bubble with a limited amount of them. What I wanted from Elite: Dangerous was EVE Online, except with real space flight and exciting combat. Sadly it isn't what I got. That said, it's definitely worth a look and unsurprisingly it has shot to the top of the Steam Chart. I suspect it'll stay there for a while although many players will likely wait for it to come down in price. 

If you already own Elite: Dangerous but want to add it to your Steam library, Executive Producer Michael Brookes has explained how to do that:

"To add your existing Elite: Dangerous install to your Steam library and use Steam overlay in Elite: Dangerous, click Games > Add a non-Steam game to my library and add EDLaunch.exe, ordinarily located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Frontier\EDLaunch\ on a PC."

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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