Even if you've been playing what Frontier refers to as Premium Beta, it's certain that you'll want to check out Beta 1 again, as so much has changed. Not to mention, it looks like ten times the content has been added in between the two beta types, so your epic space battles are certain to be even more epic with all the extra space you'll have.

Not only that, but we get a brand new gameplay trailer to go with it all. In the trailer, the universe looks absolutely huge (55 star systems were added in for Beta 1 alone), and now with the new friends management system, cruising around solo or teaming up for space dogfights looks like a massive amount of fun. The game is really pretty.

Also added into Beta 1 are other features like voice and text communications, the option to play online as a single player, matchmaking, private group play option, the initial missions system, docking computers for landing, the concept of fuel consumption and so much more. With the additional 38,000 cubic light-years of star systems added in, the grand total is at over 400 billion star systems available. Exploration in Elite: Dangerous must be massive.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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