If you've been looking for a mount that can travel on land, under water and harvest wood with the best of them, you're going to want to log into Ark today and tame yourself a Castoroides Feliconcisor AKA. Giant Beaver. With it's hatchet like teeth, the Giant Beaver can quickly shred trees into wood with very little thatch byproduct, something only the Mammoth has been able to do up until now. 

The taming process for the Beaver looks like it will be straightforward, due to the creatures relatively small size and friendly demeanor. It's utility should also make it a prime tame for many young tribes. It can gather wood better than any other creature on the island, travel on land and swim underwater for when you need to start gathering silica pearls or oil. It's main drawbacks are it's relatively slow speed on land and low carrying capacity.

The other major item included with today's release are the new handcuffs that can be applied to other survivors. No longer will you be forced to execute your prisoners for fear of the escaping, you can bind them and leave them to starve instead!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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