Hi-Rez have announced that they're on the hunt for the next eSports caster with a prize pool of $10,000 for the lucky winner. Not only that, but the winner will also cast their annual eSports event at the Hi-Rez expo.

I know a lot of people who think they've got what it takes to cast, and yet I imagine it's an incredibly difficult thing to do. Not only do you have to have the ability to convey a lot of information, but you also have to be likeable and have a voice like silk: neither of which I possess. Here's the full details. 

Do you have what it takes to be the next great esports announcer? Amateur and professional esports announcers are invited to audition for The Caster, an upcoming reality show produced by Hi-Rez Studios. The show will pit casters head-to-head in an esports casting competition. The winner will walk away with a $10,000 cash prize and a chance to be behind the mic at Hi-Rez Expo 2018, the annual esports world finals for SMITE and Paladins.  

Submissions for the show are now open and will close on April 10. Audition videos will be carefully reviewed by Hi-Rez staff and the top 10 contestants will be invited to Alpharetta, GA to compete in person. A good caster will have the ability to analyze a game, but also the enthusiasm and conversation skills to entertain the audience.

The competition is open to anyone with a passion for video games and esports announcing, and amateurs are encouraged to apply. Hi-Rez Studios casters represent all games created by Hi-Rez Studios, including SMITE, Paladins, and SMITE Tactics. Anyone interested in competing can go to TheCaster.TV to apply.

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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2017

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