Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers is coming to Age of Wulin on June 16th, 2015. An odd date, just three days before the FFXIV expansion drops, but nevertheless. The expansion includes a new instance, a new partner system, and new skills as well.

The new instance is only available to those who have finished Silver Hook Sword Boat.

The partner system is a huge deal, actually, because it allows you to learn all of the skills your partner has, while there are limited exceptions, it's a really neat system. You can form a partnership by buying a gift and sharing it between an online friend or battling an offline player for the right to partner with them. You can disable offline partnership if you'd prefer your character not to partner with strangers.

The Jianghu is a dangerous world and Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers will bring a new feature enhancing the social aspect of the game: the Partner System. Characters can build loyalty and befriend other characters choosing to do so. This new ally can be summoned during battles and allows players to learn from their own Combat and Internal skills among the options.

A new instance is introduced in Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers, the Island of Delight which follows the events of the Silver Hook Sword Boat from the previous expansion. Only the seasoned players can enter this instance to challenge the Hell King and unravel the illicit activities taking place on the Island of Delight.

This is all coming June 16th, so get excited! More details on the Age of Wulin official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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