I wrote about Return of Reckoning recently, and I'm thrilled to not only see that its delivered a huge patch, but that the game has recently received some much needed coverage from YouTuber's such as LazyPeon. Not only was this video well received, but its seen a huge up-tick in the number of players. At peak time? The server was full, resulting in thousands of players in the starting zones battling it out. Lots of fun, and busier than current MMO's such as Blade and Soul. 

Right now, there's a live event in Nordland (including the patch) and the previous Changelog, shows massive improvements across all areas of the game (including City Sieges). At the time of writing, there's about 2500 players online, across all Tiers, which is plenty enough to find a fight. Go have some fun - you can download it here, for free

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Last Updated: Mar 09, 2020

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