Trion’s big RIFT PvP mystery has finally been revealed and it seems that some astute forum dwellers were correct. The new feature coming to RIFT is three faction PvP and open world conquest. The high level zone of Stillmoor is once again undergoing some changes, but this time those changes will come in the form of cross-shard, open-world PvP control points and sourcestone powered fortifications. Players will need to claim at least 40% of the control points for their faction or 5,000 kills to secure victory.

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And on the subject of factions, players will have to pledge their allegiance to one of three factions, each with a specific view to either rule, protect or ascend onward in Telara, and those three factions are:

Dominion – The Ram

The Blood Storm has won victories because Telara is weak. Fractious, bickering towns without proper defenses make easy prey for the Dragons and their cults. Without strong leadership, Telara fell to the planes in every sliver of reality they invaded. Only the Ascended have the strength to unite the world, to unite the cosmos!

Members of the Dominion envision an empire ruled by the Ascended to protect mortals from the elemental horrors. A united Ascended empire can stand together to broker peace… and if peace is refused, the Dominion would be better able to wage war than the rag-tag adventuring bands of the past.

The Dominion views Nightfall as a deluded cult of sorcerers and cowards, and would be more than happy to send them on to the Soul Stream. The Oathsworn are meddlers and anarchists, who give lip service to freedom and protection, but would lose the war to win inconsequential battles. The Dominion welcome all Ascended to share the burden of rule, but those who refuse their burden must be eliminated.

The sigil of the Dominion is the regal Ram, who leads and defends his flock, guarding them from a savage world.

Oathsworn – The Lion

Since the Age of Dragons, Telara has relied upon her protectors. First, mortal heroes rose to imprison the dragons and construct the Ward that safeguarded the world for centuries. Today, the Ascended quest tirelessly to slay the Blood Storm themselves. This is the legacy of service that the Oathsworn adhere to. They are the protectors of creation, and the discovery of the many slivers of Telara only strengthens their resolve.

The Oathsworn have been given a gift. Either by divine will or advanced technology, they were brought back to the world with incredible power to fulfill a great purpose. The Ascended have saved the world time and time again from the danger of the planes. As the Ascended conquer the cults and the dragons, they must unite and prepare for the next great threat.

The Oathsworn believe that the Ascended should guard Telara from all threats from the planes and beyond, and now from the powerful Ascended of the slivers. Those who would squander this gift for selfish ends and no better than the cults, will share the cultists’ fate. Those who follow the path of Nightfall would abandon the world and are thus no better than the demons they emulate. The Oathsworn see the Dominion as nothing but petty tyrants, subjugating those very mortals they were created to serve.

Oathsworn identify with the Lion: the steadfast soldier and selfless protector.

Nightfall – The Raven

What is the purpose of Ascension? Are these mighty immortals merely the glorified city guard for one tiny world? Should such beings retire to a simple life after slaying godlike dragons? Or were they meant for more? Returning from the dead with phenomenal power was surely but the first step on the Ascended journey!

Nightfall believes that the Ascended share ultimate purpose beyond protecting Telara from dragons, monsters, and cultists. The next step along the journey of Ascension is to leave this world for more cosmic realms, before it’s too late. For as power of the Ascended grows, only the might of the other Ascended can oppose them, and such a conflict would destroy any inhabited reality. Thus, all Ascended should leave Telara for good and journey into the planes to seek their ultimate purpose. Nightfall hopes this departure will be voluntary, but they will send dissenters to the River of Souls rather than allow their presence to further contaminate Telara.

The Oathsworn may think their vigilance helps the mortals, but with every act, they endanger the world. If they would only listen to reason and ascend from this plane of existence, they would find victory over the elements, because they were the greatest threat all along. The Dominion is no better than the cults, imposing Ascended rule as if they were divine kings. And like the cults, they must be destroyed.

Nightfall’s symbol is the Raven, a wise bird of secrets and powerful truths.

Head over to the RIFT website to learn more. The three faction PvP test will take place on RIFT's PTS server this Thursday at 4:00pm PDT.

Source: RIFT Announces Conquest Test

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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