RIFT devs took to Reddit to answer questions about the game, while the focus was on the new Calling, a lot of questions were about the shop, loyalty system, and various other game mechanics. One of my favorite replies was in regards to a question about the new dungeon being too tough to be included in the random dungeon finder:

It's something we're definitely aware of. We're looking at what engineering work would be required for making it so that folks who are dramatically undergeared for harder dungeons don't get randomly placed in them. This is a big change to how the random queue works, so waiting for this functionality would have meant delaying the dungeon to a future update. Something that is very much still on the table for a future release though!

This was also in response to talking about a sequel for the game:

MMO sequels are pretty weird. I won't say no, but it's a difficult difficult thing to do and do well. The expectations set by a sequel vs the reality of a different game are a pretty difficult thing to manage.

There are actually a lot of really interesting answers. I've read through most of them and it's definitely a rather good Q&A, especially if you're into RIFT. RIFT just recently had a big update, as I've mentioned before, so there is a lot of hype surrounding the game. It's obvious though that a dialog is appearing as players who enjoy the mechanics, but not the aging graphics, have had a lot to say in regards to the game. It's definitely a discussion I think we all should be having soon as games like WoW are even aging to a point you can tell how old they are when compared to new modern games, or even MMOs like Skyforge which very high fidelity.

You can read the AMA/Q&A over on Reddit.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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