RIFT Introduces The Oracle

RIFT has plenty of classes (or Souls), but it seems you can never have enough. The Liberator has already made an appearance (once of 4 new classes) but The Oracle is the next on the list.

The Oracle is a new Cleric Soul and on paper sounds pretty much like every other Cleric based class: buffs, heals and curses are the order of the day here.

Oracles arrive from a dark future where their mastery-level support skills have forestalled the annihilation of Telara. Gifted with powers of Water and Death, these versatile casters can lift entire raids to triumph with a repertoire of powerful boons, shields, heals, buffs, and curses. As a group member, they’re indispensable. As an enemy, they’re impossible to ignore.

Unfortunately for us it doesn't state anything other than the above, which is a bit of shame. You can find details on the Oracle over on the official RIFT reveal page.

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