One of the hallmarks of a great game is that of a strong community, and
few in recent memory can rival the one developing in style="font-style: italic;">Rift. In a prime
example of the power of player driven events href="">The Gaiscioch Family,
a Guardian guild on the Faeblight server, hosted a long running event
known as The Telara

This community building series started in early march and embarks on
its final chapter this evening, August 9th, at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.
The Defiant capital of Meridian will play unwilling host to the
culmination of this epic adventure, when the Guardian forces led
by Foghladha seek to breach the walls and slay the factions
leaders. More about the event from the  href="">official website:

Death spews
from the planar tears that the Defiant Orphiel Farwind opened. First
the consumption of the great Port Scion, and then the rest of Telara.
The Gods will sit idle while Orphiel and Asha Catari continue to
unravel the fabric of Telara. The Gods first brought back the Mathosian
General Cyril Kalmar, A High Elven priestess Shyla Starhearth and Great
Dwarven General Borrin Gammult to lead an army of reborn Guardians in
reunifying Telara under the Banner of the Vigil.

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The Telara Saga tells a
tale of the rebirth of the Guardians, their trials to fortify their
homelands, and amass an army to take down the heathen Defiant's
capital city. Champions from far and wide gather in this weekly
community driven public event. The Guardians advance on Meridian, can
the Defiant stop them or will they turn and cower as Aedraxis did in
the past.

The Gaiscioch Family is a multi-game guild that has hosted similar
events in other popular MMOGs  style="font-style: italic;">including style="font-style: italic;">Dark Age of Camelot
and Warhammer Online.
Come join in the RvR fun if you are able to and be on the lookout for
the next massively epic event.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016