There is an event going on in RIFT where you can get a Razorback mount - it's simple to get, Instant Adventures & Nightmare Rifts drop Succulent Truffles, which you can turn in for troves which could drop a Razorback mount. That's some work, but it's a limited time ordeal so you need to get started today!

Razorbacks are going hog wild in RIFT! Now through July 29, you’ll have a chance to get a brand-new mount by helping terrified Telarans fend off these predatory pigs.

Get to wrasslin’ and wranglin’ while completing Instant Adventures and closing Nightmare Rifts to earn Succulent Truffles – special event currency that can be exchanged for Razorback Troves that, when opened, may contain the mightiest swine you can ride: a brand new Armored Razorback Mount!

You can read the official announcement on RIFT's website.

In other RIFT news, Assault Mode details have been released:

The ebb and flow of battle can be intense, and our newest addition to Warfronts captures this very spirit! In Assault Mode, you’ll play the part of Attacker or Defender while fighting through a series of objectives. Occupy strategic positions and force your way into your enemies’ inner sanctum, or drive your foes from your halls and secure your defenses against future assault. Once an assault is completed, you then switch roles and the battle resumes!

More details about Assault Mode will be on Twitch tomorrow and on the Public Test as well (July 24th).

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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