Last week Trion Worlds rolled out its 2.5: Song of Dreams update to deliver a fresh slice of new content to RIFT players. But the devs haven’t been resting on their laurels as this week Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher posted in his latest State of the Game update. Fisher opened with a few features and quality of life improvements that players can expect to see coming to RIFT in the coming weeks and months that include more graphical optimizations, cross shard functionality and Internationalization, better streamlined zones and tutorials, enhanced Dimensions, PvP improvements and new content.

Looking a bit further ahead, Fisher touched on what’s in store for RIFT’s 3.0 update. This may very well be where players will finally get to experience some of the fully realized versions of the elemental planes. But that’s not all. Fisher’s ambitions for 3.0 are ambitious to say the least.

“Since as long as I can remember people have been asking when they’d get to take the fight to the planes, and we aim to deliver that," Fisher wrote. We want players to dive deeper into the worlds beyond Telara, and explore entirely new otherworldly areas as we move forward.

Expansions are always exciting! New places to play, new things to do, expanding mechanics, and adding entirely new systems are all the hallmark of a traditional expansion pack.

We here are Trion are anything but traditional when it comes to development. We want to shake things up and keep things fresh for you. We want to provide the best experience possible, and we want to add new things every step of the way.

That’s why the team is viewing 3.0 not only as the destination and final product, but as a continuing journey that leads to something magnificent.

Why wait for an expansion pack to release a new crafting profession? Why wait to introduce new souls for each of the callings? Why wait to start introducing the story of 3.0?

In the world of “No Tricks, No Traps,” is there a better way to do these things? How can we create the best experience along the road, while preserving the excitement we’ve all come to love the day that expansions finally release?

We looked at those questions and decided that the old model might just be outdated, and wanted to try something different!"

Say what you will about RIFT, but Trion has never been shy about trying something new. We’ll just have to wait and see what it is that they have in store for the future of RIFT. In the meantime, you can read Fisher's full update on the RIFT website.

Source: RIFT State of the Game

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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