Stock up now on credit packs, REX, and subscribe to Patron if you're wanting a save some cash. Prices are rising as much as 33% for some products in the RIFT store. Right now, 12 month Patron is $119.98, but after the upcoming patch, it'll move to $131.88. Those in Europe will be paying around 30% more for credit packs, which I ASSUME is VAT related, but there is no clarification on that. Trion is stating that this is due to the global market and bringing everything in line to a similar price.

750 Credit Pack: $4.99 USD - 4.99 EU - 3.99 GBP
3,250 Credit Pack: $19.99 USD - 19.99 EU - 15.49 GBP
8,500 Credit Pack: $49.99 USD - 49.99 EU - 38.49 GBP
18,500 Credit Pack: $99.99 USD - 99.99 EU - 76.49 GBP
REX: $9.99 USD – 9.99 EU – 7.49 GBP

1 Month Patron: $14.99 USD – 12.99 EU – 9.99 GBP
3 Month Patron: $40.47 USD – 38.97 EU – 26.97 GBP
6 month Patron: $71.94 USD – 62.94 EU – 47.94 GBP
12 Month Patron: $131.88 USD - 113.88 EU – 83.88 GBP

Using everyone's favorite thing in the world, Google, the 3,250 credit pack is $22.34 at current exchange rates from EU to USD and $23.34 in GBP to USD. Doing some research, it seems that 20 EUR was giving 4220 credits before, which represents a 30% increase in price, but does normalize everything and I assume give Trion some wiggle room on how currencies could move without making this change again.

I feel that this is more fair to players paying in USD because it's closer to what they've been paying, but obviously those in Europe probably will fill a bit upset about it. You can stock up now though, if you want, at current prices and Patron status locks in if you have a recurring subscription. These prices come when patch 3.4 launches on October 7th.

Read the full details on their forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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