Scott Hartsman joined Trion Worlds in October 2009 as chief creative officer and studio general manager when he was hired alongside David Reid to expand the executive team. But after more than three years with the developer, Hartsman has announced his departure from the company. Hartsman revealed the news in the first part of a two-part State of the Game update to RIFT players.

I wanted to let you know that I'm stepping down from my position here at Trion. It's been an amazing time, working with some of the best developers anywhere, getting the company's first game off the ground, taking it all the way through a multitude of amazing updates, then to Storm Legion, and even a little bit beyond.

Thanks for all of your support and dedication throughout.

The good news is that if you enjoy what's been going on in RIFT lately, the folks who are now in charge are the same ones who have been making all of the game-impacting decisions, both to content and gameplay, for some time now. You’ll definitely be hearing from Bill Fisher, the lead game designer soon with some exciting updates. They love and play the game a lot as well and I feel strongly that RIFT couldn't be in better hands.

This time at Trion has truly been an amazing journey. It's been my great privilege to have been a part of it.

And I'll still see you in RIFT.

Scott Hartsman

It’s unclear for the moment who will be stepping in to fill Hartsman’s role, but Lead Game Designer Bill “Daglar” Fisher will be delivering the second part of the update later today. Perhaps at that time we’ll know more about who will be taking over for Hartsman.

We would like to wish Scott Hartsman the best in his future pursuits.

Source: Scott Hartsman Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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