While everyone else is frantically trying to get in on the Iron Tide (is Bnet still down you guys?), some of us have managed to find some other really rad things going on outside of the Blizzard universe. Allods have released a new video and extensive writeup on the mechanics for becoming a god in Skyforge, which surely has the regular posters over in /r/truegaming twitching at the thought of every player becoming a god. Those poor souls thought every player being a hero was terrible enough. Personally, I'd rather play as a hero in a game than as some regular pleb. I do that already every day in the real world, and considering how unexciting my actual life is, logging in to be something extraordinary is one of the top reasons I play games. Anyway, today's news from Aelion has pretty pumped for Skyforge.

In Skyforge, you start out as a pretty average person in Aelion. As you gather more powers and abilities, you slowly become the hero Aelion both wants and deserves. Your hero status (sorry /r/truegaming) lets you gather followers, and eventually adepts. Followers are kind of like those mudders on Higgin's moon who wrote “Hero of Canton, The Ballad of Jayne Cobb” but with probably a little less song and dance. Instead, once you get enough followers, you'll get a statue erected in your honor. The more powerful you become, and the more your influence grows, the larger your statue will be. Your followers make up a third of your might, so be sure to take care of them!

Adepts are like super charged followers. They've drank the Kool-Aid and are coming back for round two. You can send Adepts on tasks in your name, which will spread more good will in your honor. Adepts have different skillsets you can utilize. The example given in the video is that you don't send an architect to attend to a plague, you send a priest. Your Adepts grow in strength in several ways. In your early days as a mere hero, you will begin to earn gifts and favors from your followers. These tokens of devotion will increase the strength of your adepts. Another way to make them stronger is through the example above, of choosing the priest to attend to the plague. Furthermore, you can have a direct hand in the education of your Adepts. Left to their own devices, they will do things in your honor, but if you really want to grow them (which directly leads to your personal growth, your increase in power, and your ascendency to becoming a god), get right in there and take charge of your Adepts.

As your statue grows larger, as does your following, you'll eventually find yourself with more Adepts than you can possibly handle. It'll become necessary from time to time to prune your Adept ranks, so that your best and brightest are with you in the Hall of Greatness. Even pruning your ranks will work to your advantage, as you can turn your weaker Adepts into missionaries for you, whose new work in life is to travel throughout Aelion to find more followers to worship you. Remember when I said that keeping your followers happy is important? So is the size of your following crowd. The larger your overall number of followers, the higher your rank in status becomes.

New opportunities will open up for a god that is supported by a large number of people. High ranked orders attract the strongest adepts and lets you access more complex tasks. Furthermore, the god with highest Prestige will be honored with more and more valuable statues in the Hall of Greatness. Firstly, a modest bronze statue is replaced with a silver one; then there is a golden statue in its place and finally, the most powerful and revered gods are awarded a splendid sculpture with precious stones.

Finally, as your strength in numbers grows, you'll want to spread your influence across Aelion. This will be beyond sending out your Adepts to do good deeds in your honor and your missionaries running out to find you more followers. Throughout the eight provinces of Aelion, you can begin to build sanctuaries across the land. With enough Prestige and reputation, your order will help you raise temples in your honor. Those favors you've gained from your followers play a special part here. The more valuable the relic you place in the foundation for your new sanctuary, the more luxurious temple to be built. Once one temple is in good standing, the road to the next will open up for you.

Ever since I heard that you would become a god in Skyforge, I was really curious as to how this would play out. We've been the hero in many games, so we know what the life of a hero is like. But playing a deity? That's something I haven't experienced yet. I really like this complex system that Allods has set up for Skyforge and I look forward to playing this game of virtual chess.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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