Today Allods made a pretty big announcement regarding Skyforge. By announcing alien invasions, we learn that Skyforge will have its own sort of public quest system that players may participate in. These invasions can break out anywhere across Aeilon, which can be seen from the Divine Observatory. While these invasions might look familiar at first, investigating them further leads you to discover that Allods is putting their own special twist on these events in Skyforge.

These invasions can happen anywhere across the world, but to keep players from getting spread too thin, major invasions won't be popping up all over the place all at the same time. When they do come, players can expect several different waves, each one increasing in difficulty. If the force of players is strong enough to beat back the invading forces, they will have a chance to collect rewards and gather up trophies from their fallen foes. I'm wondering if these trophies will act as a sort of currency which you can use to trade in to vendors for gear.

After the invasion is fought off, the event isn't quite over yet. These aliens don't just attack Aeilon by busting into the planet from some magical way. They got there by ship, which players can now board once a major invasion is staved. This reads sort of like a large public raid, which you now have a chance to fight the invading god's avatar responsible for the aliens that tried to take over Aeilon. I'm not sure how this will work, or how open it will be for stragglers to join in on the ship fights. The announcement does warn that those who attempt to take on these invasions alone might end up getting steamrolled, god or no god.

The very appearance of the ship may confuse brave defenders: conventional rooms and corridors are rare here, and monsters can assume the most bizarre and unbelievable forms. Yes, Aelion’s young gods will marvel at the wonders of another world, but that distraction may cost them and their allies their lives. If they do manage to explore the ship and stay alive, it may still too early to celebrate. At the end of their journey, they will need to defeat the avatar of a great god. These creatures carry a particle of their leader’s soul, and part of their power. It will not be easy to take them out: powerful in their own right, cunning traps, mysterious magic and alien technologies provide them with a strong defense. It might take Aeloion’s defenders several tries to defeat them, but if you destroy the alien ship and eliminate the avatar, the reward will be well worth the effort, and your group will be a force to be reckoned with. And, who doesn't want to appear on the honor roll?

Depending on how these end up working out, invasions in Skyforge could take the RIFT public quest and tack on a whole lot of extra awesome. Hopefully, Skyforge won't end up with the growing pains that RIFT had, as Trion worked out how to create a fair system for public questing that benefited all players and not just a few. I'd like to see some sort of auto-grouping feature in Skyforge happen, if these invasions end up working out the way I think they will. Until Skyforge gets further into development and people get their hands on these invasions, all we can do for now is speculate. I know one of my favorite parts of leveling in RIFT was through the public quest system. I could spend a day just running around, working through them. I'm pretty excited to see Skyforge announcing a public quest system, as well, even if it works nothing like RIFT's. But please, Allods, auto-grouping!

What happens if the invaders are not staved off successfully? What kind of repercussions happen? Does the area become completely flooded with aliens? That's what looks like happens before minor gods of Aeilon come in to fight them off. It was annoying in RIFT when you couldn't hand in quests because invaders had taken over an area, but it was quite rewarding when you would band together with other players to take the area back. It will be interesting to see exactly how Allods approaches public quests. The end of the announcement makes a statement that reads as if fighting off invaders will not be your only option, making the world not so black and white. I look forward to seeing what else Allods has in store for their invasion system.   

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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