Skyforge took a deep dive into their operations mechanics, explaining the concept to those on Aelion:

In conjunction with collecting these Tokens for the first time, players will automatically be placed into a new feature – Operations. This activity pits up to 40 players together in both competition and cooperation for powerful rewards! Continuing to fight against the Invasion, thereby earning more Tokens, players will contribute towards completing personal Operation goals as well as increasing their overall rank.

Each day of the Operation, players who have both completed their assigned goal and are in the top 25% for their Operation will move onto the next tier – the higher the tier, the greater the rewards. Upon completion of the Operation, players will receive tokens of the invading army and those leading the pack will receive additional Invasion Sparks for the dedication to Aelion.

Sounds fun! Invasions and the such are regular events, the current Mechanoid event is happening right now (and now is no better time to start than ever before). I believe its in its preperation phase, which then moves on later into the actual invasion phase. The way the new changes work from the recent patch is that you get tokens now when you contribute to the invasion, these award sparks as you earn them, and then as you start collecting them you'll enter into a ranking through an Operation where there is more rewards and prestige awaiting you (including the prestige of being a high scorer).

Skyforge is building up with tons of content and more features added regularily. I urge you to give it a try. You can check it out on its official website.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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