It's time to get your dance on, as Skyforge has started a crazy cool contest to record a dance video between 45 seconds and 2 minutes for a chance to win a custom title and costume for your Pantheon. One entry per Pantheon, and winners will be decided by the Skyforge team. Entry rules seem pretty lax, just get your grove on and make a pretty awesome video. Since I don't really have much more to say than this, you can check out the rules here.

As for making the video, I do have some suggestions, if you want to hear them. First of all, you'll probably want to have one player be the cameraman and do the recording. You'll also want to plan everything out before you get started. It's hard to hash out details while consuming lots of hard drive space practicing taking photographs. I think the first important thing to do is figure out the song, the location(s), and the general style. Crazy camera angles / movements, lots of cut ins, etc. can make a video more fun than just staring directly at it.

A long time ago, music videos were the rage in WoW. It started using the game engine, then moved to eventually using the WoW Model Viewer and other means to record footage, back when Machinima was making a video within a game, instead of today's rage of watching people just... play the games. Which isn't bad either! There was a charm in MMO Machinima when it was big!

Anyway, there is a lot of Machinima resources out there. Don't be afraid to look up older music videos from games to find some neat inspiration and be sure to ask in your Pantheon who has the best video editing skills.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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