We've been talking about Aelion's Call for awhile, a big update patch to Skyforge, and it's finally came today bringing with it everything from Invasion atlas's to more content. Skyforge's update schedule has been aggressive, with what seems like one major update around each month.

The day is finally upon us: Aelion’s Call update is now live! Draw your weapon in the name of Aelion and defend it from the imminent threats and be rewarded with incredible equipment & glory!

With the arrival of Aelion’s Call, players have access to new additions and improvements such as the catch-up system, Operations, a new Raid, Invasion Atlases, chat updates, class balancing, and much more!

A few critical notes in this update. New raids, new multiplayer content, new skills, and more importantly the catch-up system which lets you not have to sit and grind content the old fashioned way never ever being able to catch up with that friend who is not only on more than you, but constantly grinding away at his prestige, making it nearly impossible you feel to ever get to play with them.

Skyforge goes all out with a cool video preview of the update:

You can download Skyforge over at the official site, along with read the announcement of the patch going live.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Skyforge Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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