One of the newest features to come to Skyforge is "photomode." On February 10th you'll be able to press "end" to "pause" the game which will let you take a screenshot of your character at that moment. I used so many quotes because it doesn't specifically pause the game, but the picture, things continue on in real time but you can move your camera around to get some sweet screenshots of your character. For gameplay, there is legendary rings, new zones, Myrrh Drops being replaced with Victors' Medals (with 1 drop being 2 medals), and so much more.

One of the major requests revolving around the Resistance system was altering it to allow new players the ability to reach the same level. We went even further and simplified the resistance development process, making it accessible to all players. In the next update, the previous Resistance system will change to become much easier to research. Additionally, your ability to enter an Invasion adventure will no longer depend on the amount of resistance you have - but first things first.

Instead of the Invasion Bonuses tab, there will be a new screen: Laboratory. Laboratory is an individual interface that is not tied to a Pantheon where players can process materials (Eidoses) collected during fights with invaders and receive valuable information: Knowledge.

Skyforge is a game where the difficulty ramps up very fast in understanding all the mechanics, but it all makes sense as you level up and are introduced to the various systems in place. You can read all of the notes in their extended glory here and play it on Feb 10th. The live stream was recently canceled, but we should see the updates soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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