Skyforge is getting updated, again, which seems to be a major theme with them as they are constantly pushing more and more content updates our way. I believe it's to get into sync with the eastern version, but at the same time even that I believe gets updates rather quickly too. One thing about this update is the Immortal Academy, to help with the grind of new players as everyone continues to earn prestige week after week, while new players come in cold and at the start. It also always access to the Divine Specializations in a new way and lots of quality of life updates, like easier to navigate ascension atlas.

Journey of the Divine is yet another huge advancement not just for Skyforge’s continued improvement but its overall development plan too! With each update that is implemented in the west we get further in sync with our eastern counterpart. The closer each version gets to being the same the easier development, player feedback, and overall optimization becomes resulting in an ideal relationship between the developers and the community.

It looks rather good, honestly, and Skyforge I think is a rather hype game, not only for the frequent updates, but how smooth combat is. The updates help a lot too, players are never long without something new coming along.

You can read about the update on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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