SMITE has to be one of the best value games on the market. To unlock all current and future gods for $29.99 is ridiculously good value. Considering the rate of delivery for gods - effectively one every month - you save so much money by investing in the Ultimate God Pack. To then reduce the price of the bundle by $10 makes it an almost mandatory purchase. The only caveat to this sale is that it's PS4 only, but even then it's still amazing value for console players. If you're a PlayStation+ Member you can also spend $29.99 you can grab the Ultimate God Pack and receive a bonus 400 Gems, Beach Babe Aphrodite and the Kiddie Pool Pedestal. Bargain. 

This sale will begin Tuesday, June 28th at 12:45 pm EDT and will end Tuesday, July 5th at 1:00 pm EDT. Get it while it's hot.

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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016

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