Last week The Elder Scrolls Online’s (TESO) Game Director Matt Firor, Creative Director Paul Sage, Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle, and Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler took to Reddit for a lengthy “Ask Me Anything” session about the upcoming MMORPG. The crew addressed concerns from the roleplay community and fielded several questions posed by redditors about PvP, starter islands, guilds, and more.

The team even offered some advice to students looking to gain an internship working in the gaming industry.

I'm a college student right now, focusing on software development and wondering what to do and where to go after I graduate. If I wanted to land an internship with you guys (or for a game development studio in general), what are 2-3 skills I can learn that would help me out? I of course love games, and I love programming, but I imagine there's more to it than just writing good code. – ajpearman9

The simple answer is to do one thing and do it really, really well, especially for larger game development projects. For smaller-team projects, there is more opportunity for generalists. If you write good code (and believe me, that is a skill many companies need), you'll need to show prospective employers that you can apply that skill. Work on a project that shows what you can do: re-create a classic game, collaborate on an indie title, or find some way to show that you can apply your skill in a way that demonstrates your skill and technique. We are still hiring like crazy –go to the main ZeniMax job listing page: We are especially looking for cloud engineering / infrastructure / DevOps types.

Lewis B. reported on the recently announced early access times and dates for TESO earlier today. While you wait for that to begin, you can read the full summary of the AMA on the TESO website. The full original AMA is available in its entirety on Reddit.

Source: TESO AUA

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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