Quest Online and Alganon have certainly had a rather troubled history. When David Allen was ousted from the company back in March, it set into motion a series of events that would result in everything from allegations of legal wrong-doings to forum arguments between current and former employees and even a few lawsuits. But during the long months since March, Derek Smart has been very vocal about the events, but David Allen has been rather restrained from commenting on his views of what had occurred. However, in a recent write-up on his website, David Allen breaks his silence and explains explains his side of the story about events at Quest Online and with Alganon.

Allen alleges that he was ousted illegally from Quest Online's investors and offers a few thoughts on Derek Smart and how he came to power.

While Derek Smart has taken the spotlight by engaging in a public spectacle and serving as the main damaging catalyst, the real source of the problems came from Willard Olauson and Kelly Olauson of Optimus Building; the father and son team responsible for the illegal injection of Derek and leveraging their money to illegally take control of the company. To support their illegal takeover they had to resort to numerous fabrications that are a distortion of facts or outright lies. Most are covered in my lawsuit. Great examples are the press releases and public statements from QOL (before the F2P announcement) where it was stated Derek has given Alganon significant exposure and the “user base” was growing, attempting to make it sound like he’s magically saving the company and product.

But the story doesn't end there; Allen filed a civil suit against Derek Smart and another complaint against Quest Online alleging breach of contract, breach of good faith and fair dealings and a number of other complaints.

Allen goes on to explain that it was he who fired Derek Smart and not the other way around.

On February 28 2010, I sent the Managing Member Directive to Derek and the Investors. This document clearly outlined Derek’s malicious and questionable behavior and actions at QOL. It also issued official directives he had to follow. When he ignored this, I terminated him, and wrote a very detailed overview to the Team and Investors on March 1 2010 discussing the serious situation at hand and making it crystal clear Derek’s intentions were to acquire/steal the technology and resources QOL had built for his own company/project/self-interests.

The entire post is a rather lengthy look at circumstances from Allen's perspective, so if you have been following the saga of Quest Online it's certainly worth the read. One thing is for sure. This saga isn't over just yet.

Update: David Allen's blog has been taken down. The reason given for its removal was: "Pending the superior court action, this posting has been temporarily removed."

Thanks to LawMan for the tip.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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