Update: Turbine reports that all servers are back online. The only exception is Asheron's Call 2, which is still down.

Original Story: Poor Turbine can’t seem to catch a break. It seems like they’ve been battling a connectivity issues with their Internet service provider preventing players from gaining access to their games on and off over the last month or more. Unfortunately, this week services have once again been interrupted for The Lord of the Rings Online, Asheron's Call, Asheron's Call 2, and Dungeons & Dragons Online. Turbine is working with its vendors to restore service for players, but currently there is no ETA on when that may be.

We continue to work with our vendors to resolve the current issues. To prevent further frustrations to players who were logging in only to be disconnected, we have disabled the ability to log into the game for the time being. You may also find that attempts to ping or trace route during this time may fail.

With a bit of luck, Turbine’s providers will once again be providing for the not provided soon. In the meantime, you can keep up with periodic updates from Turbine on their Facebook pages.

Source: LOTRO Facebook

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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