Digital Extremes recently rolled out its latest update to Warframe for PlayStation 4 players with Update 11: Valkyr. The update deployed for PC players last month and includes the new female berserker known as Valkyr, a warframe created from a cruel experiment left scarred, angry, and good at making things living impaired and an assortment of new warframe cosmetic items.

Update 11 also brings a revamp to the damage system, new weapons, a new trading system, Clan Dojo updates, and the new Codex system to scan enemies and reveal objects. Additionally, the update also kicks off The Hunt of Alad V event, which will reveal the Corpus Gas City. The event will only last for a limited time, as long is as needed to clear out the infested areas of Jupiter’s nodes to be exact.

You can sign up to play for free on the Warframe website on PC or by downloading it for free on the PlayStation 4.

Source: Update 11: Valkyr PS4 Patch Notes

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Last Updated: Jul 09, 2018

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