A lot going on in the world of Warframe. First of all the Destiny like hubs called "Relays" have finally arrived on console, so a big rejoice for fans of Warframe on the console. If you haven't gotten Warframe on the console yet, you super need to, it lends itself well to the medium. Anyway, so there is that. The relays have a lot going on with them, including a trader and enclaves to go and hang out in. It's a big social element for a game that involves traveling to planets and bases to fight the bad guys.

Here is what the press release highlights with the relays:

  • THE HANGAR --Welcome to the Relay! Dock your Liset, stroll through Security and explore.
  • THE VOID TRADER --The mysterious Baro Ki’Teer has been spotted in the Concourse on Relays around Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Sell unneeded Prime Items at Ducat Kiosks to acquire Orokin Ducats that can be used to purchase rare items from Baro Ki'Teer. His presence on Relay Stations is limited to only a few days!
  • SYNDICATE ENCLAVES --Pay a visit to the Syndicate leaders in Syndicate Enclaves. The Arbiters of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, New Loka, Perrin Sequence Red Veil and Steel Meridian are represented in rooms throughout the Relay. Present the leaders with Syndicate Medallions collected while running Syndicate Missions and earn Standing. Also, take your Warframe's power to the next level with Augment Mods, only available from Syndicates.
  • DARVO'S MARKET -- Everyone's favorite Corpus merchant has a home on Relays! Darvo's Market is found on the second level of the North Wing of the Relay. Unfortunately, Darvo seems to be slacking and has yet to open up shop, but expect deals shortly.   
  • MISSION CONTROL --Take in a view of the depths of space and change your Loadouts with Navigation Consoles in the Mission Control room. Located in the North Wing of the Relay.


Players on PC shouldn't feel left out, with Warframe's aggressive release schedule there has been two updates in the last two days. The first brings three new Noggles to the market. The second is a hotfix which activates the Valentine's Day event.  It includes an Eros arrow skin, a valentine's color picker, and the following list of hotfixes:


  • Added more enemies to Crossfire Missions to help increase the carnage.
  • The Stalker, Gustrag 3 and Zanuka will no longer be summoned in Syndicate Missions.
  • Life Support drop rates in Survival have been slightly increased at lower difficulties and when solo.
  • Syndicate Allies will no longer fire at enemies unless the player engages combat or they’re attacked.
  • Syndicate Allies will hold fire while players are doing stealth kills.
  • Syndicate Allies should less frequently walk in front of the player when firing their weapons.
  • Kubrow should less frequently walk in front of the player while the player is shooting/attacking.


  • Fixed game freeze that would occur when accepting a gift in a Relay.
  • Fixed players receiving inbox messages regarding Vey Hek Frequency Triangulator Blueprints.
  • Fixed an issue caused by picking up Life Support when your Oxygen remaining was at 0%.
  • Fixed MK1 Paris being sold in the Market for Platinum.
  • Fixed players being kicked from Missions they are unqualified to join, instead of just preventing them from joining in the first place.
  • Fixed an issue caused by purchasing the Soma in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed various weapon idle animations playing in Hubs, when all weapon animations should be inactive.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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