Wargaming Funds New Mobile Studio

Free-to-play behemoth Wargaming is  funding a new studio to explore gaming options in the mobile space.

Wargaming has seen its share of success on PC with World of Tanks raking in over 60 million players and the upcoming launch of World of Warplanes next week has the potential to be just as successful. World of Tanks will soon be expanding to the Xbox 360, where that number will undoubtedly go up. And while Wargaming has dabbled slightly in the mobile space with games like World of Tanks Blitz, it hasnÂ’t delved deeply into mobile development...until now.

According to a recent report from Venturebeat, Wargaming is funding a new studio based in Seattle. The studio is headed up by David Bluhm, who co-founded mobile developer Z2, and will focus on exploring options in the mobile gaming space. And while the studio has yet to be given a name, it will be its own entity separate from Wargaming Seattle, the former Gas Powered Games headed by Chris Taylor.

Source: Venturebeat

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